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The Dog with Two Names


On October 18, 2004, one purebred Dachshund, with a perfect longhaired red coat, and most beautiful brown eyes, was born.

His owner, a dachshund breeder in Killingworth, Connecticut, was delighted with the puppy. Gwen gave him a strong name, Quercus, meaning Oak Tree in French.

As Quercus grew, Gwen taught this bright young dog. He understood her, he kept learning. Quercus absolutely loved to be admired when she groomed his handsome coat.

Quercus entered an area Dog Show. He won a prize. Gwen took him again. He liked showing off and pranced even more, earning more prizes, until he became one of the best “doxys” she had bred in many years.

Gwen began to have hard times; then she became sick, then she died. The dachshunds in her care were not able to call 911, and it was days before a neighbor, realizing she hadn’t seen Gwen for a while, made the call.

When the Police arrived, more than three-dozen dachshunds were barking and whining. Dogs of all ages and sizes were hungry and disheveled. The lead officer immediately called Anne, an animal rescue company owner. Arriving, astonished at the sight, Anne said her Killingworth shelter had no room for that many dogs. She agreed to take only the adult dogs. Therefore, on March 1, 2013 Anne rescued Quercus, now 9 years old.

Anne worked for weeks, driving many rescued dogs for dental appointments and veterinary care, always seeing that each dog had loving attention to reduce the trauma of their days without care. With all healed, she looked for homes for each. One at a time, she filled out adoption forms for Gwen’s dachshunds. Quercus, though, stayed with Anne for two years, because many adopters don’t want to take in older dogs. One day, Anne was reminded of a previous dachshund owner in Madison. Margaret and Kent said they’d like to meet Quercus, now 11, so Anne brought him to their home.

It was a sunny, spring day May 7, 2015 when Quercus was adopted by Kent. In fact, it was more like Quercus adopted Kent. On the day Anne brought him to visit, Ella and Bennett and Cindy and Margaret and Kent all sat in the living room with Anne and the dachshund. Anne took him off her lead. Ignoring all others in the room, Quercus walked directly to Kent and looked up at him with those shining brown eyes, saying, “I want to be in your lap.” Kent picked him up, Quercus curled up, and his future was set.

Kent, however, thought that Gwen’s choice of a French oak tree name wasn’t so great. He chose the more German-sounding name of Schnitzel. Together they did more outdoor things, more manly things. They went to the dump in the truck. They went hiking in the woods. They climbed the stone steps. They ate bacon. They watched football, basketball, and baseball on television – although Schnitzel often closed his eyes – but he was never more than two inches from Kent.

Every spring, Kent and his dog went to Killingworth to see Robert. The veterinarian would, every time, marvel at Schnitzel. Robert would say “how healthy for his age: his bearing, his manners and his beautiful coat and those his brown eyes.”

On April 6, 2021, one purebred Dachshund, with grey hairs in his coat, and shadows in his eyes, left this world. His lifespan, 17 years and 6 months, comes to 99.5 people years in the current Veterinary Assn. counting method.

This dachshund excelled three ways in his life. He was a star in the shows. He was patient in the animal shelter. He was a companion for a man.

This dachshund is buried under a protective Witch Hazel in the garden of the home of that man.

May Quercus-Schnitzel Rest in Peace.

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